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More on muffins

Muffins are serious business.

So after the last muffin post there has been more muffin related action. First of all, Amy was very angry about the whole issue. She called me stupid among other things, saying cupcakes and muffin are not the same thing 'at all'. The differences she cited were cupcakes being moister, fattier, more sugar,  and also have frosting. Well first of all, not all cupcakes are frosted.  She also said that muffins do not have butter. Second, I still think that differences in relative amounts are somewhat arbitrary and unimportant, and they still could be considered fundamentally the same thing. There could still be an heirarchy of baked products where cupcake is a subclass of muffin. Second, after searching for muffin recipes, muffins do in fact have butter so Amy is wrong again.

Also twice since then I have had brown muffins. At least one of them was probably chocolate. It had oreos on it, which I really think blurred the line between cupcakes and muffins. The second muffin was very similiar, although lacking the oreos was probably still chocolate.

Somebody should ask the muffin man. He follows muffins very carefully, however I do not know the muffin man.

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