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So Amy was coming so I built a welcome wagon. It was the greatest wagon ever constructed, out of computer cases, office chairs, duct tape, and rope I guess. Of course everything was from the dumpsters except the rope and the duct tape. Some of the cases were hard to get from the dumpsters, nd required ripping them off to the metal part which is always annoying. The rope came from walmart. Initially I took two chairs from the dumpsters, and because they were somewhat broken, and I didn't have a screwdriver, I used brute force to hybridize them. I was going to drag this wagon all the way to Albany, but it wasn't very wagonlike. So then I harvested more computer cases. I then realized it was easy to remove the wheels from the chairs, and just using the cases I could make a better wagon. I was considering walking into Albany the next day to meet Amy at the bus station, which was a long way and I likely would have died. I was initially supposed to pick her up on Thursday by myself when Nate had class and wasn't going to pick her up. She told me she was expecting me to pull out the welcome wagon, and there to be fireworks. This would have been great because Amy would finally be coming for me in 2009. The heavy 'wagon' may have made it difficult, although I'm pretty sure I would have made it if I had no wagon and was running. Also it turned out it was raining anyway. I couldn't attach them so I went to the engineering lab the next day to drill holes in the cases, which I did. I should have cut the other cases up to make proper walls, but I was too incompetent to do that. Then using duct tape, the wheels were held in the holes I drilled. I used rope and duct tape to join the two wheeled case pieces together. I used only duct tape to make the walls. Then Welcome Wagon signs were printed and thrown on. Also there were peeps, skittles and fake pink flowers also from the random walmart trip. I didn't manage the fireworks requested by Amy. So then with this greatest of wagons I walked into Troy to the bus station, where Nate was, and then rode the bus to Amy. Amy's primary response to the Welcome wagon was to hit me in the face with the flowers. Why is Amy so mean to me? I build her a welcome wagon and she hits me with the flowers. On the bus back the driver wanted to know if she liked the flowers or something and maybe something about if he could have them. I don't know. I'm very confused most of the time. Wagons are wagony. Wagon wagon. Wagon. I think Welcome Wagon 2.0 will need to be a vast improvement. This 1st welcome wagon didn't even roll quite properly when pulled. The wheels were poorly attached, and not all straight. I think the next one will need blinking lights, some kind of reasonable suspension, proper rolling capabilities and even sounds. I think it needs a welcome wagon song, that we will record. That would make a truly formidable wagon for maximum welcoming. [gallery]

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